From the earliest stage of product design, we are constantly striving to strengthen the creative partnership we have with our customers, for we know that team-work is where the competitive mouldmaking systems of the future will be born.

More than high skilled professionals and the cutting-edge technologies, ABRANTES disposes everything to ensure total customer satisfaction – Knowledge, Experience, Innovation.




To support conception and product development phase, ABRANTES provides several cutting-edge rapid prototyping technologies and rapid manufacturing solutions for a wide range of applications in a broad array of materials.

ABRANTES´s plant has been entirely redesigned to provide an efficient layout for large and small/medium size tools. ABRANTES facilities combine to form a company fitted out with a wide range of high precision equipment, making our operation one of the largest mouldmaking plants with 5.000 sqm of covered area.


To reach the highest quality with minimum throughput times, ABRANTES has implemented an efficient serial production concept, constituted with 90 experienced and skilled professionals, together with high precision mechanical and electrical machining equipment, with multi tool change features, ensuring (24 hours) production of components in wide range of materials including high strength materials – steel, aluminium, other light alloys.



In order to guarantee top quality in mould performance and reliability, ABRANTES disposes several validation technologies, simulating in industrial environment the functionality and operability of the moulds. Customers are always welcome to attend the mould tests and discuss the final shipping details.

At ABRANTES we assume that an open communication policy is an absolute need for long term and solid cooperation with our customers. From the very beginning they expect us to provide exact and on-time information on all technical details involved in mould production.



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